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House Wash with Pool Deck and Patio cleaning in Hollywood Park, TX

House Wash with Pool Deck and Patio cleaning in Hollywood Park, TX

Our project involved a thorough House Wash of a beautiful home located in Hollywood Park, a small community that is surrounded by the big city of San Antonio Texas.

The home had been affected by organic growth such as algae and mold. Using our highly effective soft wash method and house wash solution we ensured a safe and gentle cleaning process that eliminated the unsightly buildup while preserving the integrity of the house's exterior surfaces.

To begin the project, our team at AquaLux Power Wash carefully inspected the house and assessed the extent of the organic growth. We then devised a comprehensive plan tailored to address the specific needs of each surface, including the house's exterior walls, pool deck, and patios.

Using our house wash cleaning solution specifically designed to remove algae and mold, we employed a soft wash technique that applied low-pressure water and cleaning agents to safely and effectively eliminate the organic growth. This method ensured that no damage was inflicted upon the surfaces, preserving their beauty and longevity.

In addition to the house, our skilled technician also extended their expertise to restore the asthetic looks of the pool deck and patios by pressure washing. We meticulously cleaned these areas, removing dirt, grime, and any residual organic growth, resulting in vibrant and revitalized spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.

Throughout the project, our team adhered to the highest standards of safety, using appropriate protective gear and ensuring the safety of the occupants and nearby surroundings. We also took care to minimize disruption and inconvenience to the homeowners, completing the project efficiently and with minimal interference to their daily routines.

In conclusion, our soft wash house cleaning project successfully restored the beauty and cleanliness of the house while addressing the organic growth issues. With the added restoration of the pool deck and patios, we provided a comprehensive service that transformed the entire outdoor space into a visually appealing and inviting area for the homeowners to enjoy for years to come. The Homeowner was very satisfied with the outcome.

Service provided: House Washing

Location: Hollywood Park, TX

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Client Review

I recently hired AquaLux Power Wash to clean my driveway, pool deck, and house brick, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Robert was professional, prompt, and meticulous from the prep to the final result. The surfaces look brand new, and he took great care not to damage anything. Highly recommend this exceptional pressure washing service!

- Derrich Rodriguez

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